Construction of our Youth Center is in full swing

After long efforts and intensive searches, Alhamdulillah, we found a good place. First we had to buy the building. May Allah be pleased with everyone who contributed financially and emotionally in this difficult process. Of course, it’s not just a matter of getting the building, there is also the issue of organizing the interior in a way that suits our needs. This process is likely to be a little more protracted than before. Infrastructure works constitute a significant part of our work. Drains, electrical and water installations, heating systems, generators….

We are coming to the end of our infrastructure works. Now our carpets will be laid, Insaallah


We have started to lay our carpets, our installations have been finalized. Now it’s time to complete the garden and inside. Recently, the landscaping of our garden has started and the windows of our youth center have also been installed. We are counting the days to move to our new location.


Alhamdulillah! We have moved to our new location and our video editing and social media teams have started their work. We are currently renovating our chat room and studios. If you want to come and see our Youth Center, type “Sözler Köşkü” in maps

Why did we buy a building?

The building we are currently renting is no longer enough for us. We needed a larger building in a quiet neighborhood where we could have a large studio with technical features like depth of field and soundproofing. With the help of our supporters, we were able to buy our building, which was incomplete, but we have a huge construction burden ahead of us…

There is a lot of noise in our current location and this causes us problems when we shoot video.

We need a bigger studio where we can shoot many more videos at the same time. And we need a studio with better technical features like depth of field. We have changed our address a few times in the past but we don’t want to rent anymore. We want to have our own property where we can make additional decorations in the building without hesitation.

We also need a beautiful Madrasa that allows us to make study programs, reading circles, organize workshops and seminars, both national and international.

Famous guests such as The Merciful Servant, Hamza Tzortis, Ali Dawah, Omar Suleiman and other muhtadis are constantly visiting us, but we are unable to accommodate them properly.

We will have a garden that will impress our guests and a beautifully designed office and cafeteria. The facility is located in a very isolated place where we can shoot video without noise. But it is also connected to Istanbul’s main arteries (metrobus, etc.)

Safe and new building in accordance with earthquake regulations, which is not in our current location. Good ideas come from good places. Our fellow volunteers deserve better working conditions.

We see this building as a physical and digital madrasah.

The basement (about 400 m2) will be used as our studio for interviews, video shootings and production. Another 400 m2 room will be used for seminars and lecture halls.

One entire floor will be used for design, content production and marketing. The upper floor with sea view and high ceilings will be designed as a cafeteria; we can call it “Cafe Abrahamica”. Our deep discussion classes will be held here at least 10 times a week. The lower floor will have additional offices, conference rooms and a library. We will also have 3 guest rooms to accommodate both local and international visitors. We see this building as a physical and digital madrasah.

Buying an Incomplete Building 100%
Completion of Building Construction 100%
Decoration 80%

General Information About Our New Youth Center Building

Location: Istanbul – Buyukcekmece

Land Size 1342 m²

Office area 1000 m²

Madrasa Area 478 m²

Garden Area 900 m²