Kopgit – Commentary on the Qur’an Risale-I Nur

The Kopgit Quran Tafsir Reading Program Reads 100,000 Pages a Week!

The largest and most comprehensive project of the Towards Eternity: Kopgit. We have prepared an application for our brothers and sisters who want to read the meaning and exegesis of the Quran continuously and with understanding.

Over the internet, different brothers and sisters from every city are studying their books in front of a madrasa with a roof with the sky. Our application was also specially made for our brothers and sisters who want to read Risale-i Nur at all levels. For beginners, a video-supported reading experience is offered. It provides them with a well-rounded education through a variety of videos, articles and messages, accompanied by new Islamic knowledge at every opportunity.

In our Kopgit application, you can start reading the works of the Qur’an Tafsir Risale-i Nur in accordance with your level. We are definitely waiting for our brothers and sisters who think, “I have read it before, I didn’t understand it, I couldn’t continue”. When starting our application, we start by selecting one of the “Kopgit Video” or “Kopgit Book” sections

Kopgit Video consists of lectures from various parts of the Qur’anic commentary Risale-i Nur. The concept of the course here is let’s read together.

Kopgit Book; This section is more reading-oriented and designed to give you the habit of reading regularly. We are not leaving you alone here :)

You can download our Free Android and iOS Mobile Applications from the links below.