What is the Dawa School?

Dawa School is a one-week educational program designed for our brothers and sisters who want to subject themselves to a rigorous Islamic education and learn the truths of faith. Our aim is to reach the hearts that are thirsty for Islam and to be teammates together in this process.

Content of the Training

In this special program, we are organizing many great events and lectures. We will focus on various topics such as Quran lessons for those who do not know how to read the Quran at a basic level, tafsir lessons from Risale-i Nur works, siyar and catechism lessons. We will also look for answers to questions about atheism and deism.

Is Dawa School Paid?

All food, beverage and accommodation activities of the program are completely free of charge. Even the coffee is on us!

Where is the Dawa School held?

Unfortunately, since the Towards Eternity is only located in Istanbul, the Dava School will also be held in Istanbul. Our quota is limited to only 10 people. The Dawa School receives many applications. As we have to choose from hundreds of applicants, we ask you not to give us any hard feelings.

Is There an End to the Dawa School?

As all good things must come to an end, so too must the Dawa School. However, at the end of the program we will organize a separate program for our brothers and sisters who want to continue with us. In this way, inshallah, we will continue to run together with these brothers and sisters in this cause.