What is the Towards Eternity?

Towards Eternity is a scholarly and cultural association that was founded with the initiative of a few university students in Izmir-Bornova and has managed to reach millions of people today… It is a sincere and warm environment that makes you forget how time passes with its weekly chats on Islamic, scientific and philosophical topics.

Why was the Towards Eternity established?

It was founded to help humanity achieve eternal happiness.

Where do your conversations take place?

The address where our conversations are held: Buyukcekmece/Istanbul Avrupa cd. Kubilay 1 sk. Contact +90 555 141 70 09

Easy Address: Use metrobus and go until the final destination Tuyap, Then use 142B Bus to go “Adalet Sokagi”

All food, beverage and accommodation activities of the program are completely free of charge. Even the coffee is on us!

Is Towards Eternity an official association?

Towards Eternity is an organization work for spread message of Islam

Is there any fee to participate in your events?

Our events are completely free to join. We even provide tea and coffee :)

How does Towards Eternity survive financially?

With the voluntary donations.

Why can’t the ladies come to the talks?

The conditions we are in now are not suitable for women to participate in conversations.

Is the Qur’an read and taught at Towards Eternity?

The answer to this question is obvious, since the purpose of the Towards Eternity was to promote a better reading and understanding of the Holy Qur’an. Although we have about 15 minutes of recitation of the Holy Qur’an before each of our chats, we have published our Lamelif Quran and Tajweed Education Application, which we have published completely ad-free and free of charge for our brothers who want to learn the Qur’an and Tajweed, in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store stores.

Does Towards Eternity have branches in other cities?

We serve in Istanbul as Sözler Köşkü İlim ve Kultur Dernegi. However, there are Çınaraltı in Ankara and Maksat 114 in Bursa, which are similar to us in style.

Which political party does Towards Eternity support?

At Towards Eternity, only faith-based conversations are held. We think that bringing up political topics prevents people from reaching the truths. Thus, it is clear to everyone that this work is only for the sake of Allah and not for political or material gain.

Why do you make your conversations from Risale-i Nur?

Since the Holy Qur’an is in Arabic, we learn the meaning of Qur’anic verses from the Risale-i Nur’s, which is its Turkish explanation. The “PROOF” method in Risale-i Nur is very effective on the people of this century.

Which congregation is Towards Eternity affiliated with? Where are you affiliated?

Frankly, we don’t like questions like “where are you affiliated”. We read the Qur’an and the Risale-i Nur, which is an interpretation of the Qur’an for this century. However, we try to benefit from all the teachers we can benefit from in the Ahl al-Sunnah circle.

Can you subtitle your videos in English?

Our Towards Eternity channel, which we launched to make our conversations in English, has exceeded 2 million subscribers. Towards Eternity has become a huge Youtube Platform broadcasting in 8 different languages. The content we produce in English is now translated into other languages and broadcast with dubbing and subtitles.

We have now opened English, Indonesian, Urdu, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish and German channels. Our English channel has already reached 1Million subscribers. Our Arabic channel attracts a lot of interest. Our target is now the Far East…

Is it possible to sleep over at the Towards Eternity building?

We would like to offer such an opportunity for our young brothers and sisters, but this is not possible at the moment due to the inadequacy of our current apartment. We aim to offer such opportunities to more of our brothers and sisters in our new location.

We see young people of different languages, religions, races and styles (tattoos, piercings) participating in the conversations at Towards Eternity. How do you make these people feel comfortable in this environment?

Since most of the people who come are young people of different types, everyone feels comfortable seeing people like themselves. We don’t interfere with anyone’s style. Everyone needs these truths.