We were in Beşiktaş/Istanbul as Towards Eternity Interview Team

We were on the street again this week to talk about Islam – Atheism – Deism. We had the opportunity to talk to many of our brothers and sisters. We made beautiful shots with friends who agreed to be videotaped. We have already started working to upload our interviews to Towards Eternity Youtube channel as soon as possible!

By the way, do you know that these interviews will be published in at least 5 other languages? Our Towards Eternity Youtube channel, which we started 5 years ago in English, has grown, and we started to produce original content over time on the channel where we initially published our Turkish videos with subtitles and dubbing.

Towards Eternity

Towards Eternity has become a huge Youtube Platform broadcasting in 8 different languages. The content we produce in English is now translated into other languages and broadcast with dubbing and subtitles.

We have now opened English, Indonesian, Urdu, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish and German channels. Our English channel has already reached 1Million subscribers. Our Arabic channel attracts a lot of interest. Our target is now the Far East…